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Brand New Jimagination Creations Bookcase - in the shape of a LIGHTBULB!

By jimagination, Aug 24 2015 05:54PM

This amazing piece of furniture is new from the Jimagination Creations workshop (well just a few weeks old now!). It had it's world premier at the Cornwall Design Fair just over a week ago.

The inspiration for this piece hit me like a Eureka moment - literally a bright idea! Made from plywood and flexi-ply it can stand, but is better suited to being wall hung on a French cleat. It is 205cm high and 120cm wide and 25 cm deep. The sides are painted white to blend in with any walls it may hang on (or they could be re-painted to match) so that the front really becomes the focus of this unique piece.

Battery operated LED lighting is hidden just inside the front frame, and although it may not be apparent during daylight, it is at night when this piece really comes to life and the lights shine! They can be permanently on or set to flashing mode - which is really effective in low light levels.

The three shelves and base platform can bear significant loads of either your favourite books or your preferred nic-naks and coveted objects - those special things that you want to show off in a grand way!

It also features three half blind dovetailed drawers in the base with the faux screw threads acting as the handles to open them - brilliant!

One final feature it has is a compartment hidden in the very base of the bookcase underneath the drawers - for hiding away the most secret of objects! It is accessed by a sliding panel on the left side, just out of sight, below the battery housing.

This lightbulb bookcase is certainly an attention grabber and would be a significant talking piece wherever it ends up.

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