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Re-useable advent calendar from Jimagination Creations...

By jimagination, Oct 8 2015 02:47PM

This MDF laser cut advent calendar is great! With an 8x6 inch picture frame in the middle you can put in your favourite family Christmas snap, or any other fab photo and admire it all month as you tick off the days until Christmas!

Ideally this re-useable advent calendar should be decorated with fun papers or colours or any design you can creatively come up with. Then stick on the numbers (1-24). Each drawer is 50x50x50mm and the whole thing is 335mm high x 445mm wide and able to hang in either portrait or lanscape style (the drawers will fit in either way).

Add your own little delights for each day - sweets or other surprises - and enjoy every day of advent!

Available in my online shop now!

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