Coronavirus Update...

Posted by James Powell on

Hello everyone, due to the current National State of Emergency regarding the Covid-19 outbreak, I have taken the decision to make all of my products 'out of stock' at this time.

The reason for this is I live with people in the 'vulnerable' category, and as such I am not prepared to make largely unnecessary trips to my local Post Office, where I know it will be very difficult to maintain 'social distancing'. It's just not worth the risk for a few weeks, or even months. No time at all in the big scheme of things!

But, I have kept all my wonderful products on my site, rather than hide them all from sight as unavailable, so that way, if you happen across my page, or even visit it on purpose {thank-you :) }, you can still see my amazing creations and what I can offer you. Maybe you could bookmark or favourite my site instead and visit again when the crisis has ended - and it will end!

Of course if you are absolutely desperate for something special from my site, then please do email me via my contact page, and I will see what I can do to help you.


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