A5 Wooden Writing Notebook Covers

For once you really should judge a book by its cover...

These Jimagination Creations A5 wooden writing notebook covers, featuring a varied range of beautiful designs, are an attractive stationary accessory that you will be proud to show off.

The book covers are laser cut out of a single piece of plywood and feature a ‘living hinge’ spine. I mean, really, how does wood bend like that? It’s amazing!

  • Strong

  • Durable

  • Very flexible

They come with a standard A5 notebook which slides easily into an internal pocket. The colour of the notebook shows through the cut outs in the front cover designs giving this product a unique ‘wow’ factor.

The notebooks inside can be replaced once they used up with any other A5 sized notebook that has a back cover thickness of 3mm or less, allowing you to use these fabulous Jimagination Creations wooden writing notebook covers again and again.

*please note that the colour of the notebook inside that you receive may be different to that shown in the pictures on this site.