Bespoke Lasering

Laser cutting & engraving is very versatile and the possibilities are endless. All you need is an idea.

Wait. What? You have an idea, but need you need Jimagination Creations to realise that idea for you? Well read on my friend...


Jim, can your products be personalised, say with a name? 

Yes, many of the Jimagination Creation products can be personalised, for example, the bookmarks and bookcovers can have names or quotes added to them.

*Unfortunately, the existing Jimagination Creations coaster range cannot be personalised.


How much extra will personalisation cost?

That will depend upon what you want engraved! A name would typically be an extra £1 added to the regular product price, whereas a short quote could be around the £2 mark. 


How do I go about getting something personalised?

Simple, all you need to do is use the contact form and send Jimagination Creations a message describing exactly what you would like engraved and onto what product

*please note that personalisation can only be done through contacting Jim directly, and it is not something you can 'add' at the checkout.


How do I go about paying for an item I wish to have personalised if I can't do it at the checkout?

It's really quite easy, once you have contacted Jimagination Creations with your request, Jim will reply to you via email and provide you with direct banking details, and also sort out any other details there may be with your item.


What if I wanted a one-off design that isn't currently in one of your product ranges? Like a bespoke bookmark?

Ok, well that's no problem either. Jim can design stuff for you and add that to certain products. Again, just use the contact form and send a message outlining as much detail as you can. Jim will then reply with some design ideas and you can take it from there.


Will it cost me more?

Haha! well if you want a bespoke service, then yes, it will cost you a bit more! It will depend upon what you want and how much computer design time it will take, plus the laser engraving & cutting time. For example, on average, a fairly straight forward design (such as a clip art image) would typically cost around £10 to be made into a bookmark.


Ok, so what if I don't want one of your amazing products, but I want you to cut or engrave something else for me?

Not a problem! Jimagination Creations has done all kinds of bespoke work for clients in the past from cutting out words in wood or MDF to hang on walls, to bespoke signs for houses, to business logos, to parts for models, to bespoke coasters...the list goes on! All you need to do is use the contact form and message Jimagination Creations with as much detail as possible about the ideas you have. Jim will then email you back and you can work out the details.


But what if I want more than one of something? More like several, or hundreds of them!

Well, anything is possible! Larger runs of something may require more time for Jim to make them though. Again, just use the contact form and give as much detail as you can. Jim will get back to you.


And if I need it within a specific timeframe?

As long as it is a reasonable request, Jim will always try to accommodate your projects. But if you do know that you have to have the something(s) by a certain date, then it is best that you give Jim as much notice as possible. For example if you need 20 of something in 2 weeks time, then that would be fine. But if you want 100 somethings by tomorrow, Jim will probably be too busy laughing at such a ludicrous request to be able to do it! [Sorry!]

*please remember that Jimagination Creations will be very busy at peak seasonal times of the year like the run up to Christmas or often during the summer, so if your products need to be done by such times, as much advance notice as possible will be needed, otherwise it is possible that Jim may not be able to help you out in time.


Does it have to be made of wood?

Well to be fair, Jimagination Creations is a bespoke WOODWORKING business! But having said that, it is possible to laser paper products (stencils), rubber stamps, acrylics - just not stone, metal, or glass. Just know that it may take longer to work in other mediums than wood or MDF as Jimagination Creations does not hold much stock of other consumable materials, so they would need to be ordered in specifically.

*except for rubber stamps. Jim does keep A4 sheets of Laserable rubber in stock.


Please note:- Although Jim is happy to do bespoke one-off projects or small runs of something, Jimagination Creations isn't a manufacturer. Jim regularly has to work 7 days a week trying to keep up with making his own products and so cannot commit to indefinitely making someone else's products for them to sell whenever they need them as well. So if you are looking for a permanent supplier and manufacturer for your brilliant idea, then, sorry, it ain't gonna be Jim!

[*other laser operators are available!]


If there are any other questions you have about custom laser engraving & cutting then (yeup, you guessed it!) just fill in the contact form and ask away!