About Jim

It's funny how life turns out sometimes, right? I had never planned on being a woodworker when I was younger, but here I am now as a designer/maker running my own business, since the end of 2007 in fact.

Picture of Jim climbing a rock, Jimagination Creations

At university I trained as a secondary school sports teacher, and afterwards spent many a happy year working in America as an outdoor adventure activities instructor in a top private summer camp, just a few hours north of New York city.

Becoming a woodworker kinda just happened along the way. I am essentially self taught - learning by doing, testing, trying, failing and succeeding, supported with a fair amount of reading!

I enjoy making the quirky, the unusual and the different. Often inspired by nature, and my home county of Cornwall (which I know is what every designer/maker/artist always says, and it feels really cheesy to say it, but when you actually live in Cornwall you understand why). There really is just something special about Cornwall.

I used to like to travel (I say 'used to' because owning and running your own business alone pretty much puts a stop to holidays!). Travelling opens the mind to other cultures, new inspirations, and new adventures. It changes you and improves you, makes you a better version of you and allows you to draw on all those experiences when you are home alone in the studio on the cold dark winter nights. This is why I diversified into laser technology. I was on a nine week tour of New Zealand in 2013, and everywhere I went I came across amazing laser cut and engraved art works and products in gift shops and galleries. I had never really come across laser technology before, as most of the people I now meet at craft events haven't either. It is truly fascinating. A year after returning home I invested in my first laser cutter and engraver. The things it can do. I'm still learning new tricks, many years later.

I now have two laser machines in an extended studio at my home, and it is an amazing place to work in. I know I am lucky. A massive window looks out onto trees and bushes and the birds feeding or the squirrel doing acrobatics to get at the peanuts...inspiring.

Jimagination Creations laser studio         Squirrel reaching for peanuts from a birdfeeder

Of course I still like to make stuff by hand out in my woodworking workshop. I like it when I am asked to do a commission piece, as I know it will be something different, something to get excited about.

Meanwhile, my journey continues, the business evolves, changes and adapts to the times and technologies of the present. My product range develops, improves and hits a larger audience...long may it continue (but a break for a holiday would be appreciated!)

I hope you enjoy browsing around my site. Thank-you.

- Jim