Owl jewellery box

  • £250.00
Tax included.

Talk about unique and special boxes! It doesn't get much more quirky than this owl shaped jewellery box. Made from utile with wenge feather details, a padauk beak and glass eyes, this little fella is a one-off and would look equally as good either on a dressing table protecting the precious treasures inside, or on display somewhere visible around the home where it can be admired and talked about!

Delicately handmade, the feather details are painstakingly shaped to the curve of the owls body, as are the wings which are moulded to the exact shape of the owls sides. The three drawers (two breast drawers with wenge feather shaped handles, and the head drawer with the padauk beak as the handle) may not be big enough to hold the crown jewels, but they certainly could hold your most precious and delicate adornments.

Standing 245mm high and 180mm wide (wing tip to wing tip) it has a depth of 80mm (excluding drawer handles).

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