Royal Cornwall Show 2019...

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Jimagination Creations would just like to thank everyone who stopped by the stall in the South West Arts, Crafts & Design marquee at the Royal Cornwall Show this last week. Despite the weather being not-so-great at times, it was still a great show.

Thanks for all the positive comments about my work. It is very much appreciated!

Jimagination Creations display stand at The Royal Cornwall Show 2019

Just a reminder that if you are visiting my site looking some of my amazing chopping boards, then sorry! But I don't sell them online as each one is a unique one off board, and if I have them my website I cannot sell them at my shows! So if you would like one, email me directly and I can email you back a picture of those I currently have available, or you can look to see when I'm next doing a show so you can pop along!

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