Tree shaped book case

  • £1,000.00
Tax included.

The first book tree I designed and made was for a client who wanted one as a statement piece for their lounge, in pink! Looks amazing in situ. A proper focal point and talking point, but still functional.

I have since developed the design and make these to order now. They stand about 6ft high and 4ft wide with a depth of around 8 inches. Whilst 'the pink one' was all one piece, the subsequent ones were all three pieces that slot together, for easier transporting and moving around!

They are hollow inside and should be secured to a wall, or if free standing then the base piece should be filled with sand for stability. The wood veneer is only on the front side, the rest is painted white, but could be any colour you choose.


*please email me if you are interested in one. Lead times can be long, and delivery is only local (Cornwall), otherwise it is collection only.

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